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Chair Animal Ecology I (Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch)

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ramsperger Dr. Anja Ramsperger

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

PhD candidate Animal Ecology | Supervisor Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch
PhD candidate Biological Physics | Supervisor Prof. Dr. Holger Kress

PhD project: CRC 1357 Microplastic | Subproject A04 | Cellular uptake of microparticles as a function of elementary particle properties

My PhD project is in the topic area of microplastics within the project PlasticsFateE (Plastics Fate and Effects in the human body) and subproject A04 of the Collaborative Research Centre 1357 Microplastics.

The main objective of PlasticsFatE (Plastics Fate and Effects in the human body) is to improve our current understanding of the effects of micro- and nanoplastics (MP/NP) and associated additives/adsorbed contaminants (A/C) in the human body.

In PlasticsFatE, we are investigating (1) the occurrence of MP/NP in a variety of complex matrices such as food (vegetables, fruits, beverages, fish, etc.), consumer products (toothpaste, cosmetics) and relevant environmental media (air, drinking water, soils); (2) the fate (including long-term) of MP/NP in the human body; and (3) the transport of MP/NP through biological barriers and their potential cytotoxicity. PlasticsFatE is part of the European MNP cluster (CUSP) on human health.

PlasticsFatE is a 48-month project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project will run from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2025.

More information: https://www.plasticsfate.eu

The Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1357: "Microplastics - Laws of formation, transport, physico-chemical behaviour and biological effects: From model to complex systems as a basis for new solutions" researches the formation, migration and effects of microplastics and develops new solutions for this immense environmental problem.

Within the SFB 1357, I am mainly involved in project A04: "Cellular uptake of microparticles depending on elementary particle properties". Different model MP particles as well as model particles for naturally occurring particulate material are incubated in freshwater and soil and resulting surface changes are biomolecularly and physicochemically characterised. Subsequently, different polyelectrolyte multilayer-coated model particles are produced, each of which resembles the incubated particles in one property (e.g. identical mechanics or charge density). By comparing the different particles, the relevance of this property for the adhesion of the particles to cells and the internalisation into cells will be quantitatively investigated.

More information: https://www.sfb-mikroplastik.uni-bayreuth.de


Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

Master in Biodiversity and Ecology

PhD candidate: Animal Ecology & Biological Physics | Supervisor Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch & Prof. Dr. Holger Kress

PhD project: PlasticsFateE & CRC 1357 Microplastics, Subproject A04 | Cellular uptake of microparticles in relation to elementary particle properties

Research interests: Microplastics, human health, cellular internalisation, intracellular transport, immunology.


Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I



Anja Ramsperger:Environmental Microplastics : How the Surface Properties of Microplastic Particles Determine their Particle-Cell Interactions. - Bayreuth: 2024. - 335 S.
(Dissertation, 2024, Universität Bayreuth, Bayreuther Graduiertenschule für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften - BayNAT)

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Christian Laforsch, Anja Ramsperger, Sven Ritschar: Mikroplastik und der mögliche Einfluss auf die menschliche Gesundheit. In: Viviane Scherenberg, Johanne Pundt (Hrsg.): Klima-und Gesundheitsschutz : Planetary-Health-Lösungsansätze. - Bremen : Apollon University Press, 2023. - S. 131-158.


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Alfons Weig, Martin G. J. Löder, Anja Ramsperger, Christian Laforsch: In situ Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Communities on Microplastic Particles in a Small Headwater Stream in Germany. In: Frontiers in Microbiology, 12 (2021). - .


Anja Ramsperger, Vinay Kumar Bangalore Narayana, Wolfgang Gross, John Mohanraj, Mukundan Thelakkat, Andreas Greiner, Holger Schmalz, Holger Kress, Christian Laforsch: Environmental exposure enhances the internalization of microplastic particles into cells. In: Science Advances, 6 (2020). - .

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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

Dr. Anja Ramsperger
PhD candidate Animal Ecology | Supervisor Prof. Dr. Christian LaforschPhD Candidate Biological Physics | Supervisor Prof. Dr. Holger Kress

Chair Animal Ecology I
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