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Chair Animal Ecology I (Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch)

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laforsch Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

since 2019Spokesperson Collaboratice Research Center (CRC) 1357 Microplastics.
2017 - 2020Member of the BMBF Steering Committee "Plastics in the Environment.
2015 - 2021

Vice President for Research and Young Academics, University of Bayreuth.

since 2012Professor, Chair of Animal Ecology I, University of Bayreuth
2011 - 2012Akademischer Oberrat, Chair of Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology II, LMU Munich.
2009 - 2011Substitute professorship, aquatic ecology,
Department of Biology II, LMU Munich.
2009 - 2011Head of the limnological research station Seeon, LMU Munich
2009Habilitation, teaching qualification and authorisation to teach,
Subjects: Zoology & Ecology.
2005 - 2009Assistant Professor (C1), Chair of Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology II, LMU Munich.
2004 - 2005Research Associate (Postdoc), Biological Sciences Department, I.E.N.S., Lancaster University, UK; “Proteomics in Daphnia”.
2003 - 2004Postdoc (visiting scientist) at the Institute for Experimental Physics II at the University of Leipzig; "Ultasound microscopy with vector contrast in biological samples".

Dissertation, Evolutionary Ecology, LMU Munich, "Morphological plasticity: cyclomorphosis in Daphnia cucullata", Award: summa cum laude (Dr. rer. nat.)

1999Diplom, Biologie, LMU München, Abschlussnote: 1,0 in den Fächern (Zoologie, Ökologie, Wildbiologie und Botanik)


2017Teaching Award of the University of Bayreuth
2008, 2010Teaching Award of the Faculty of Biology, LMU Munich
2011LMU Munich Habilitation Award


Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I



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