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Chair Animal Ecology I (Prof. Dr. Christian Laforsch)

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Team > Dr. Hannes Imhof

imhof Dr. Hannes Imhof

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

Phd candidate & PostDoc until 12/2017
Scientific coordinator from 07/2020 till 02/2023

Main Focus on Microplastic

PhD project: Plastic particles in aquatic ecosysystems: occurence and influence to aquatic organisms

The pollution of marine environments with plastic waste is well documented since the last years. High amounts of particles have been accumulated in the sediments and in the pelagic zone and are ingested by many organisms. Therefore the plastic accumulates in the food chain and is getting a risk for humans and the environments. Nevertheless the impact on aquatic ecosystems is not yet fully understood. Moreover, only a few studies are known concerning the amount of discharged plastic particles to freshwater environments. There is a high requirement for scientific studies to examine the potential endangerment by plastic particles of these ecosystems. The Goal of this interdisciplinary study is to quantify the pollution with plastic particles of German and European lakes and streams and to assess the distribution pattern within the waters with the help of Raman-Microspectroscopy (RM). A first important step in order to assess the consequences of plastic debris in aquatic ecosystems we  developed a reliable, verified and standardized method to quantify the amount of plastic particles (Munich Plastic Sediment Separator, MPSS). In addition we will test for influences to freshwater environments. We will use chosen species as examples for different functional groups and test for accumulation of plastic particles in the organisms and furthermore for influences to life-history, reproduction and mortality. Next to sophisticated histological techniques, Raman-Microspectroscopy (RM) is used and further developed as an efficient method to show the ingestion and possible accumulation of plastic particles in organisms and organs in-vivo. This will help to foster studies quantifying the increasing contamination of aquatic environments with plastic particles, which is a crucial prerequisite for future risk assessment and management strategies.

funded by the German National Academic Foundation and the German Research Foundation (DFG), Supervisor: Prof. Dr. C. Laforsch


Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

  • Microplastic related science
  • Aquatic ecology and zoology
  • Alpine ecology
  • Scientific diving
  • Project coordination & public relations
  • Research data management

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I



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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Chair Animal Ecology I

Dr. Hannes Imhof
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

E-mail: hannes.imhof@uni-bayreuth.de

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